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Do you know how to judge the quality of the filter?

Filter refers to an accessory that has the effect of filtering impurities or gas through filter paper. Generally refers to the car filter, which is an engine accessory, is to maintain the generator parts, clean the effect, and extend the service life of the generator

1. Adhesive material for filter paper and end cap

With good quality filter paper, as well as good quality adhesives, if the selection is improper, the filter paper in the filter and the upper and lower end caps will not adhere firmly, and the oil will easily fall off during use, and there will be no stickiness, resulting in a short circuit. , Can not get the filtering effect.

2. The filter power of the filter

It is mainly determined by the quality of the filter paper used. The filter power is more than 96% before it is qualified. The effect of the use of different manufacturers at the same time, at the same place, and different manufacturers is not the same. The significant difference is in the engine starting and moving process. In the middle, the master’s perception of the engine and the size of the smoke from the generator's exhaust, the engine was repaired, and there was a significant difference in the wear of the parts.

3. Filter paper quality

Good-quality filter paper and poor-quality filter paper are similar in appearance. As long as professional inspection equipment is tested, there can be significant differences. The quality of filter paper is related to the power of the filter. There are more impurities, iron filings, and dust that are filtered into the system. Poor quality filter paper filters fewer impurities, iron filings, and dust. The maintenance effect is not achieved, and the related parts of the generator are easy to wear. .

4. Guarantee of production process

Seen from the surface, there can be no adhesion between the filter paper under the filter paper, and the light must be seen through the light. If the light is not visible in the light, the adhesion between the filter papers will affect the flow of the entire air filter, the lifespan is short, the formation of power is lacking, weak, and it is difficult to remove the dust during the finishing process. A good air filter is a non-adhesive filter paper, has strong light transmittance, is suitable for the air intake of the generator set, has a long service life, and is easy to organize.

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