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How important for Oil filter

Oil filter is a very important element in engine design that eliminates the abrasive impurities resulting from the engine wear from the oil, and contaminants from entering the combustion chamber as well. Clean oil ensures smooth engine and turbine performance, since it not only lubricates rubbing parts, but also cools the engine.

Oil filters are divided into 2 types:

  • Spin on – metal housing with thread for fixing mounted filter element. Depending on the engine design spin on filter can be installed with inside valve. Oil drain valve (anti-drain back valve) – is a rubber-silicone membrane, the purpose of which is to ensure outflow of oil from the filter back into the crankcase of the engine after the engine has been switched off. This valve is used also to avoid the spillage during the oil filter change process. Safety valve (bypass valve) is required when the engine oil filter is clogged, it opens and oil bypasses the filter surfaces to continue the lubrication of the system as well also the valve regulates the oil pressure in the engine.



  • Oil filter cartridges – ECO filters. Modern engines are widely used with filter elements, different from metal spin on filters with the absence of a metal housing and threaded valves. The oil filter cartridge replaces spin-on filters, which used to be the main part of the oil filtration in the system. Usage of top quality filtration paper media and plastic mesh ensures structural stability of the filter cartridge, allows MFilter to provide non compromised quality of filters to the aftermarket.

MFilter is offering to the most demanding aftermarket customers an extensive oil filter range, constantly updated following the market demand.


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